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Police Department to strengthen the Professional Standards Branch

And while police want to improve the disciplinary process within the department, it is also aiming to ensure that officers are properly monitored.

Allen Wylie – Commissioner of Police

“Additional Police officers will be identified and posted to the PSB to allow for a PSB officer to be stationed in every police district. Belize Police Department will promulgate a code of ethics for its officers for their strict adherence .The Belize Police Department will seek the employment of a former Senior Police officer to be employed and appointed by the commissioner as a national adjudicator for the conduct and hearing of formal disciplinary action against police officers. Closer collaboration will be sought with the Office of the Ombudsman by the commander of the professional standards branch holding meetings with the Ombudsman; the Commissioner of Police will also meet with them on a quarterly basis. The professional standards branch will be responsible for conducting sting operations and cleansing program to identify and remove corrupt Police officers. The Belize Police Department will coordinate and investigate with the financial intelligence unit to target Police officers suspected of profiting from corrupt practices and unjust enrichment.”

Personnel of the Professional Standards Branch and other areas of the department will be provided with additional training, while senior officers will be provided with customized training courses. Commissioner Whylie also announced that the department will also hold a public education campaign to educate Belizeans on their rights and responsibilities. The fourth goal of the strategy is the implementation of a video surveillance program for Belize City.