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Strengthening the Spirits of Caribbean Youths

The Methodist Church is on day two of an event dubbed, Encuentro.  The event serves to strengthen the spirit of youths all over the Caribbean. Day-2 included a flag raising ceremony at the Ramada Princess followed by a march to Wesley College. Throughout the next few days, the participants will engage in sessions aimed at helping them to find out who they are spiritually, and how society affects them. Love News got further insight on the programme from Bishop Alvin Benguche.

Voice 1: “What we made sure is that coming with the young people, especially those who speak fluent Spanish we have interpreters with them. We also have young people from Haiti and again they speak French but they also brought interpreters and so it makes it a little bit easier to be able to communicate and then again sign language is also good so we have been doing a little bit of that. I can’t tell you what we have envisioned in some of the objectives that we hope to meet by the end of the week. We hope that in some way they will be able to gain more understanding about your church. They will be able to foster a deeper sense of spirituality and also the understanding of what it means to be a witness for Jesus Christ. It is expected that at the end of the week it will not be an in all but they will be able to take some things, having learned some things from Encuentro, they will be able to take it with them and they will be able to not only take it to their churches but they will be able to take it to their different islands and countries.”

Voice 2: “One person said to me this morning I didn’t hear about Belize before. I said I am sure when you go back it is the same way that you are going to proclaim Jesus Christ. You are going to say how beautiful Belize is and she saw the rising of the sun this morning from the hotel room and she said oh my God this is so beautiful. So we will sell Belize culturally and we will sell Belize as a Methodist Church because the theme this year says Methodism which means methodist on a mission forever fired up for Christ so in that light we are both celebrating Belize as well as the methodist church and what it stands for.”

The camp will proceed until the end of this week and will have the youths engaged in many fun filled and spiritual activities. Youths from other countries will also get a chance to tour our lovely country, Belize. ////