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String of robberies reported around the country

A string of robberies took place across the country over the last forty eight hours. The most recent occurred last night at Dada’s Pizza in Belmopan. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with the cashier and filed this report.

A string of robberies took place across the country over the last forty eight hours. The most recent occurred last night at Dada’s Pizza in Belmopan. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with the cashier and filed this report.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: An armed robbery last night at Dada’s Pizza in Belmopan left the owner and cashier shaken up. Love News visited the area this morning and spoke to the cashier who told us what happened.

“That happened around seven o’clock at night. Two male persons came into the restaurant and they came like customers wanting to buy pizza and they started to watch the menu and they saw the prices and one of them got frightened because one of the prices was too high. Afterwards I got a lot of people come sometimes they don’t have much money so like a good seller I tell them we have a smaller pizza but is cheaper and okay they told me. He said can you please show it to me and the one that had the gun came closer to me, I didn’t think that he had a gun so he pulled it out and he put it on me and he told me “This is a robbery can you please give me the money because if not I will kill you.” then the next one he pulled his shirt and he pulled the machete and I got frightened so I gave the money. They grabbed it [the money] from the machine and they ran away and from that moment I ran to the back side of the restaurant and I told my boss that they robbed me. They were dark skinned so they might be Kriol.”

Another robbery in St Mathews Village left one man hospitalized after he was stabbed several times. Again, here is Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz with that story.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: An early morning armed robbery at Tienda Jacqueline in St.Matthew’s Village Cayo district left the owner of the business establishment 54-year-old Leonel Tobar with multiple stab wounds to his head and body. Love News understands that some time around 7:30 this past Saturday morning Loenel and his wife Elisa Tobar were inside the shop getting ready to work when they were confronted by four bandits. Jerson Tobar, the son of Leonel Tobar explained more.

Jerson Tobar, Son: “Around 7:00 AM in the morning it was about four robbers that came in with guns and knives and they threatened my dad and they tied up my mom and my dad. They were holding a gun to his head and they took the money from the counter. The thing is they wanted to come inside the house and they wanted to close the shop and everything we stayed inside and then my dad because we were inside he started fighting back and then about three of them jumped on top of him and one of them stabbed him in the head four times and once by the abdomen. My mom said there were four of them two of them were short and looked very young like about sixteen and one or two of them were Hispanic and the other ones were dark skinned.”

Moving now to Southern Belize, an armed robbery took place yesterday morning in Punta Gorda Town. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: An armed robbery was reported this morning at a business owned by a Chinese family in the Hopeville area of Punta Gorda. A customer who was in the area at the time of the incident spoke to Love News.

Eye witness: “I came to buy a dollar cigarette, walked out and coming out two guys walked in. The first ordered at the bar and wanted a dollar cigarette, the other behind pushed the old man who was sweeping in the area of the store and went to the back with the son and I decided to walk away and gone to my neighbor and call the police. About ten minutes after two guys came running out, the one in front had a bag in his hand and the other one seemed to have something else in his hand I don’t know what it was but they kept running north. The went to the end of the lane and I guess they disappeared from there. I gave the police that information and I’m hoping they can work on that, that’s about seven o’clock.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Initial information is that one of the two robbers had a weapon during the incident as both made good their escape with an undisclosed amount of cash, liquor and cigarettes. Information is that the owner of the business is not cooperating with police as investigations continue.

A store in Pomona Village, Stann Creek District was also robbed yesterday around 6pm. Police visited #2 Super Store where they spoke with the owner, 47-year-old Guo Chen, who stated that four armed men entered the store. Assistant commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett gave more details on this incident.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “Sometime around 5PM whilst inside his business place he was approached by four armed male persons two of whom were dark complexioned and two Hispanics where he was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money, liquor, cigarettes and other electronic items and in the process he resisted and he too received stab wounds whilst in the process of resisting. Those persons then left the area in a white Jeep north bound and as a result of quick police investigation it led to the detention of four persons who are now in our custody. Police have so far recovered some of these items and are seeking two more suspects in relation to this investigation.”