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Student assaulted by teacher

An 8-year-old student was allegedly assaulted in the eye by a primary school teacher at Queen’s Square Anglican in Belize City.  The mother explained to Love News that the incident occurred on Wednesday, January 16.  Since then the young boy has been having issues with the injured eye.

Celida Lamb Mother of Victim: “I met her at the door and I asked her what happened to Anthony? She said a teacher whipped him in his eye. I said what did a teacher whip him in his eye for? So I began questioning Anthony about what he was doing and why would she whip him in his eye? Anthony said Mommy I was going in my bag for an eraser. After that I stood at the door and gathered Anthony and asked where is his school bag and they said the classroom was locked up so I can’t get it. So I took Anthony to the NHI clinic to seek medical attention for his eye because I did not know what was wrong with the eye.”

The mother went on to explain that she has gone to the Ministry of Education and a statement was taken from the student.  She added that nothing has been done at the school reference the assault.

Celida Lamb Mother of Victim: “In the morning I got up and I changed his clothes and I went back to Queen Square to see the principal with him and I went there and I told the three of them were there that he needed to go to an eye doctor. They asked me if I had money and I told them no I have no money and then Ms. Jones called Dr. Hoy. Her and I went over there and Dr. Hoy saw him and he said that the hit gave him a blow vision to the eye. The teacher that inflicted the injury asked him what happened to the eye and he wrote it down on a paper and she took that that to the office. The medication didn’t help. He keeps on having pain and headache and so I didn’t go back there because you have to pay money so I carried him to BCVI because they recommended me and the doctor checked his eye and they told me to come back in two weeks because the eyeball is still swollen. The eyeball is still swollen so maybe it is causing him pain and thing.”

According to the school’s administration, a board meeting is planned to take place shortly in which the matter will be addressed.

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