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Student of Belmopan High School wins award

A student of Baptist High School in Belmopan received the Police department’s do the right thing award.

Fem Cruz reporting…

“Doralyn Sabal, a third year student from Belmopan Baptist High School this morning was awarded for doing the right thing. Sabal is a great example and she showed us that when we do good things, good things will follow us. Love News spoke to Superintendent Howell Gillett about the award and Doralyn Sabal about receiving this award.”

Supt. Howell Gillett

“She has been doing the right thing throughout her career at that school. As a matter of fact she recently received an award from London England and she will be going back in 2016, next year. She is a fine example to other kids at the school, the teachers we spoke to only have good things to say about Miss Sabal so we were very happy this morning to present her with a certificate and a shirt to remind her to do the right thing, pass it on to other students, friends and family members. So as much as we are tackling the type 1 type policing of crime. We’re also awarding people who are doing the right thing here in Belmopan.

Doralynn Sabal, Award winner

It feels great to be awarded this award because I’ve never done it before and honestly it’s a great experience knowing that this is my second award for this school year. I got a scholarship to go back to London the next school year 2016 and it feels good also for me to be getting this certificate for doing the right thing. It’s also a great experience, I would like to help the other students from my school and other schools everywhere to do their best and also for them to continue what they’re doing in a positive way. Lastly I would like to thank everyone who was also there for me and those who stood there by my side including my principal, Mrs. Anna Lopez.

 Anna Lopez

“We do want to thank the Police Department for continuing the Do The Right Thing Program. It is always great for us to focus on the positive as opposed to focusing on the negative. Doralyn is an exemplary student in terms of her academics as well as her behavior. It is something that we would want others to cling to as the influences can be not so positive. Her behavior to fall on others in terms of them emulating the way she behaves. It is always a great thing to receive an award and to shine that ray of light, that ray of hope on our school. Belmopan Baptist High School truly has been changing its image. We certainly welcome any positive exposure that we can get.”