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Student recovering from stab wounds

A stabbing incident yesterday evening after a football game between two high schools left a nineteen-year-old resident of Camalote Village injured. According to the victim, nineteen-year-old Sulma Escobar a resident of Camalote village, she was at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan watching a football match between Baptist and Belmopan Comprehensive High School when sometime after 4pm she and her sister along with some friends left the area and were heading towards the bus stop when a fight broke out. Love news spoke to the mother of the fifteen-year-old student that was involved and the victim Sulma Escobar.


Mother of Victim

“Yesterday at a football game she was attacked by several females that were there from the Baptist High School. She was defending herself in the fight when one of the girls got stabbed. Well I don’t know how it happened; it was more like a self-defense thing but the thing is the knife all involved and the students, that is not even right. We should have an awareness that kids shouldn’t even be having knives at school because my daughter was in her uniform. The girls left exactly from school, went to the game and then with that, fight and the knife involved, I don’t think it’s right. I am concerned because it was my daughter attacked by so many of them but then what will become of our society and our girls and everybody you know bringing knife to school and everything that’s not right.


“We were waiting for the bus at the bus stop and then my niece and another girl from Compre start to argue. The girl was telling her things; she was just staring at her and after that well they start to fight and when I see them start to fight I try to separate them. Well I did separate them and I stayed in the middle and when I turned my back the girl I don’t know from where she just took a knife. It was a Compre girl and she just stabbed me on my back. I got four stabs and I had to come to the hospital and I got stitches.