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Students at Bishop Martin High return to school…and got their hair cut

Love News has been following the story of the boys, who were sent away from Bishop Martin High School on Monday morning after the school principal, Angel Leiva, insisted that their hair was not short enough. Since the position of the Ministry of Education became clear on the matter, we are told that the students have returned to school. However, we are told that the boys have gotten their hair cut. Although it appears the students did give in, we stress that the legal practitioners we’ve spoken to say that such a policy does violate the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. Deputy Prime Minister Cordel Hyde, when asked about the situation today, says that a greater focus should have been placed on students to catch up what they missed out on during the past two years. 

Cordel Hyde, Acting Prime Minister: “It’s really sad that after a two year pandemic that is what we’re discussing right now. You know like right right now we have a big problem in terms of all our kids lost during that two years. They lost a lot and nobody’s really talking about that. The losses, the step back, the fall off is incalculable and that has to be a focus. Our job has to be, as Government, as institutions, as educators, is to make sure kids stay in school. Right? It can’t be so easy to deny a kid the opportunity to be in school. Like that has to be the absolute last door and so for me, that’s not a conversation we should be having right now. You have to be working with the parents. Yes you have to be working as a team but let’s talk to each other and let us work these things out. Like that is not the biggest problem we have right now. We have far greater problems and the bottom-line is to get kids in school and make sure that they are learning and try to make up for all the time that they’ve lost because the truth of the matter is kids weren’t learning a whole lot during those two years brother. They weren’t reading books during those two years. They weren’t really engaged enough online with education during those two years. So we have major major problems and we have to figure that out going forward and that’s the least of the problems, I think.” 

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education said quote “It is true that school authorities do have the right to impose codes of conduct and general rules and guidelines for the proper administration of their schools. Students cannot, however, be removed from or denied admission to school because of the length of their hair.” Meanwhile, there are still those who are calling for the policy to be scrapped altogether.