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Students graduate from Police GREAT program

Angelica Cruz reporting…

“Today 82 students from Kush Lin Ha Ha Government school in Belmopan graduated from the Gang Resistance Education Training Program. These students were taught the middle school 12 lesson curriculum GREAT program which lasted for 8 weeks. Love News spoke to Superintendent Howell Gillett about the GREAT program and its objectives.”

Supt. Howell Gillett

“We are very happy to have offered this program to Kush Lin Ha government school and to standard five students of this school. We believe that if we get to the young kids at an early age we could dissuade them from the life of violence, crime. What we did during this program was we offered and showed them an alternative to crime and violence drug abuse and there are many other ways to livelihood and the students grasped what we thought them and we are hopeful now that when they go into STD.6 and during the holidays that they will pass on what was taught to them to other students and friends. The program has worked across the world so we believe it will work in Belize also.”

Angelica Cruz, Love FM News

“Love News also spoke to two of the students about what they learned.”


I am 10 years old and I attend Kush Lin Ha government school. I am proud to graduate from the GREAT program, I will always remember the things that they have taught me and I will carry it on for the rest of my life.”

 ‘My name is Kevin Sapeda I am 10 years old. I am grateful to be graduating from the GREAT program. I learned about how to say no when they are asking me to do bad things, how to pull out from getting angry and violence and not to get into gangs.”

 Angelica Cruz, Love FM News

“Teacher Sylvester Makin spoke to Love News about the importance of the program.

Sylvester Makin, Teacher

“The importance of the program is to get students especially at this age to find a way how to tackle or how to approach problems when they come into their real lives. The great program has provided students the opportunity to apply the tips, the ideas that they were instructed from the instructor and to become a better person in the future to be a person that has goals because the program talks about goal setting, anger management, conflict resolution and other things that will benefit the students