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students of Mabilha Government School remain out of classes

The doors to most primary schools re-opened yesterday.  However, students of Mabilha Government School remain out of classes. The parents have been trying to get one of the teachers removed and when that did not happen, they kept their children at home. Walter Garbutt, the Local manager of Government Primary Schools in the Southern Region told Love News about the strike action.

Walter Garbutt, Local Manager of Government Primary School Southern Region: “A teacher at the school has been there for nine years and in the parent’s and in management’s perception he has had a lot of problems. At this point he is ready to move, he is prepared to move from there and the parents absolutely don’t want him there. We met with them in June and we told them that we would do everything possible to get the young man transferred and see if he will reform in another area, in another institution. That, we the management, have not been able to do and so the parents became quite upset to the point where they said they will not allow the young man into the compound and into the school. So I went, I met with the parents, the Alcalde, the chairman and I spoke to them including the principal and moved back and then I contacted my general manager and I think it is in the process of being solved and I hope that it will be solved before Friday so that school resumes normally and the young man is placed somewhere else and I hope he will do the right thing because parents quite often don’t rise up unless they really believe that their children are not getting what they deserve and what they need.”

The parents have had an issue with a teacher for some time and have been asking for his removal. Garbutt said it is not easy to remove a teacher.

Walter Garbutt, Local Manager of Government Primary School Southern Region: “The process is not that easy I have found to transfer or remove a teacher and so I speak guardedly and carefully attributing blame to no one just that it’s something that we need to solve and we need to solve now so that the education process can begin as it ought to. So I found that day he was there we found the challenges the moment I got there, the principal addressed it in writing, I did the same it has not been solved. So now as I say sometimes it’s when situations like this come up that solve problems rather quickly, unfortunately, that is the way it is and so I hope that it will be solved within the next couple hours rather than days.”

Mabilha is one of the most remote villages in the Toledo District. The school has an enrollment of forty six students.