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Students make it safely out of the Chiquibul

A group of students from Ladyville Evangelical Primary School made it home late last night after the buses they were in got stuck on the Chiquibul Road. As we reported yesterday, two buses filled with standard 5 and 6 students along with parents, teachers and the principal were unable to make it out after they got stuck along the way. Today, Principal Elia Chi, says that everyone made it out safe and sound.

Elia Chi, Principal of Ladyville Evangelical Primary School:  “We were able to pass up to I would say the Rio Frio area, the Rio Hondo falls then we observed there was a low lying bridge the water was already on top of the bridge so at that point I said ‘wow the situation is getting really serious.’ When we reached the area I would say where the clay is it was slippery and I was coming on the second bus so the first bus got stuck and during that time the Forestry Department, a pick up along with men were coming behind us along with BDF. So Forestry Department was able to pull the first bus. So now seeing what happened to the first bus the driver decided that all of us would go all the way to the back so that more weight could be at the back and we would not get stuck. So happily we passed that so all of us were happy and excited. We continued and didn’t go that far and the first bus again got stuck, we were in a slanted position I would say so when the tractor pulled the bus that was when the radiator I think got damaged and started to leak. So the other bus was in front of us so the tractor just left us and went to aid the other bus in order for us to be able to pass and indeed he was able to help the bus and we continued our way and it happened again- it was the second time for us that we got stuck so the tractor came back for us and the bus in front of us continued its way and got stuck for the third time but this time it was coming from the Mountain Pine Ridge area it was on the left side so there was a way for us to come out- so the tractor decided to pull us all that way.”

About 45 students and thirty parents were on the trip.