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Students of Belmopan High School gets training on road safety project

Fem Cruz reporting…

“Today over 75 third form students from Our Lady of Guadalupe High School in Belmopan benefited from a one day “Drive to save lives” training workshop held by the Belize Youth for Road Safety. After the workshop Love News spoke to one of the facilitators Louise Rodriguez who said the aim of the workshop was to target first time drivers.

Louise Rodriguez – Facilitator

“We gave them a training session on the use of seatbelts. Basically at the end of the session the students were able to describe how seat belts work, explain why seat belts are needed and respond to the reasons given for not wearing seat belts. Apart from just making them aware of the importance of using a seatbelt we also gave them statistics about the road traffic accidents in the world and also about road traffic accidents within the country. We gave them statistics such as the number of injuries, minor injuries, the amount of those injured and those who have died within the country. The aim and focus of this training session was to make them more aware and more conscious and be more cautious while being on the road whether as a pedestrian or driver. Additionally as we know these students are new drivers in our country so they should be aware of what’s going on and how they should partake while going on the roads.

Fem Cruz

“Love News spoke to a few of the participants who spoke of the the information they had learnt during the workshop, the damages of not using a seatbelt and good seatbelt practices. The students further commented that the presentations were informative.”