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Students on expedition trip to Beize

A group of nineteen students and teachers from the United States arrived at the Philip Goldson International Airport yesterday as part of a team called the Belize Expedition Crew 2015.  We spoke to the head of the crew, Sheryl Mortel, who teaches biology in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

Sheryl Mortel, Teacher

“We do a trip every summer. We have come to Belize and this is our 9th trip to Belize in 20 years and I put them in t-shirts like this so I can find them in the airport, it’s a wonderful trick. I’m a biology teacher in Rochester, Minnesota and we teach rainforest ecology, reef ecology and I’m also a Padi dive master and so I teach them to scuba dive so we come down here and they get to spend four days in the rain forest, they get to spend four days out on a coral reef and we do a little scuba diving and we do a lot of exploring and a lot of learning. This trip will be four days in Blue Creek and we will stay at the IZE site there and then we will go out to South Water Caye and we’ll stay out there for four days. I have 19 people here, 15 students and four adults.  It’s Byron High school just out of Rochester Minnesota and their biology teacher who used to be one of my students and then myself and I have eight students with me. We’ve got four boys and eleven girls.

Renee Trujillo, Love News

“You said this is your ninth trip, what made you take that first trip to Belize?”

Sheryl Mortel, Teacher

“I had a student teacher who had been here and experienced it and said it was the most wonderful place in the world that was 20 years ago it was 1997 and we had the experience of a life time it’s so real and we had to come back and back and back.”

The group will be in the country for just over one week.