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Students participate in NEMO’s disaster preparedness training

Fem Cruz reporting …

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) today proudly held their seventh annual educational disaster preparedness training at the St. Ann Anglican School in Belmopan. Over fifty youths from ages 8 to 18 years from Belmopan and surrounding villages attended this eye opener. Love News spoke to the Coordinator, Clare Moody and two of the participants.

Clare Moody – Coordinator NEMO

“We have had this training for the past seven years. This training is prepared to educate our children on disaster management alert; that everybody may know what to do, how to do and when to do it, realizing that our motto is to preserve life and property it is our duty to fully inform our community. Today we had a beautiful turn out of more than fifty children after which at the end of the program we gave them school accessories like school bags, pens, pencils, books etcetera. We also invited the police to represent the villages and the town. We also invited someone from the traffic department because this must be a balanced training in order that people will understand what to do at all time.”


“First of all I want to give NEMO thanks for giving us students the opportunity to educate ourselves for many disasters that we may face in our lives. This is an eye opener for all of us.”


“I want to thank Ms. Moody for organizing such a great training for us young people. We learnt how to prepare ourselves whenever a disaster strikes and what we need to do if it happens. We watched some photos from the television. She also brought in some police officers, traffick and the mayor from Belmopan to address us all. I learned a lot from this great training.”