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Students riled up over Kelvin Usher’s disappearance

Protestors, made up of mostly students from St. John’s Junior College, are demanding answers and are calling on the Ministry of Home Affairs to conduct an impartial investigation into the Gang Suppression Unit, concerning the disappearance of Kelvin Usher.  Here is how Elrington, responded to that demand.

Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Home Affairs

“Actually in this particular case I have read all the statements that have been given and I did not detect anything which suggested that the GSU had acted improperly in this case. So based on what is available I see no evidence that they have acted improperly and I would like to say to the public that they need not be alarmed by those who in the society in my view would like to see some kind of social discord evolving from this particular incident and there have been those who have been actually on record inciting Belizeans to get together and take civil action; I don’t think that is prudent or helpful. I think that what we should all be doing is to try to use our collective energies to inquire into what has happened to this minor, to in fact go and continue the search and to do all in our power. I can’t see how it will help the minor for us to create social discord and get people unduly excited, this is an unfortunate incident. I think what is significantly important in this particular incident is that neither the father nor the son is known to be a criminal in any way; these are not people who the GSU would have had in their sights and would have any animosity towards. As a matter of fact one of the police officers was saying to me that he was not even aware that the father would have been involved in anything like this because he often patronizes the father who has a little fruit stand at the BTL park so he was very surprised to see him in the field so that there was no animosity on the part of the GSU towards these people; neither the father nor the son. The timeline is very short the police were informed at about 10am that in fact they were in this marijuana field they got up there at about 11:30 came back at around 2:30 and at all times the father was in their sights by two or five but at all times the father was in their sights so that is the evidence that we have to go on. We don’t have anything other than that.”

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