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Students sit the final two PSE papers

The second phase of the Primary School Examinations concluded today. Thousands of primary school students sat the final two papers, Math and social studies. The exams do not only test what the standard six students learned over the past year but they actually cover material that has been covered over a span of eight years. The preparation is long and for many it is challenging. The students began their exams at eight o’clock this morning and concluded a few minutes before two in the afternoon. We caught up with some of them who told us how it felt to finally be over with the long hours of study.

The journey to and through this phase of students’ education is one shared by parents. The preparation for the exams can be intense for not only students and teachers, as Shirley Paredez explains. She adds however that it is only the beginning of a longer journey.


Students sat the first two papers of the PSE on March 19th. Those included English and Science papers. At that time, the Ministry of Education said approximately seven thousand, one hundred and ninety-nine Standard Six students sat the exams.