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Students take to the streets for a Justice March for Kyron Green

On Friday, Kyron Green was running an errand for his mother, like he usually does, when was caught in the line of fire after a gunman fired shots inside One Plus One Supermarket. Today, a friendly, caring young boy is fighting for his life at the KHMH. To support him, and all other children who are affect by gun violence, St. Luke Methodist, the school Kyron attends, held a justice walk this morning at 9 a.m.

Courtney Menzez – Reporter: ‘Tyler Savery, Trajon Gough, Ebony Bennet and now Kyron Green. These are only some of the innocent children whose lives have been affected by the rampant gun violence that is plaguing our country. For the first three, their young lives were cut short, for Kyron he still has a chance at his own life. The bullet that has entered his left cheek has left him paralyzed in the hospital and he is still fighting to stay alive. The young students of St. Luke’s Methodist, Saidi Vernon High School and Gwenly’s High School whose only concern should be their school work had a justice march this morning to say that enough is enough, they want to feel safe again.”

Student 1: “Right now the crime is really bad, it is becoming really intense, unbearable to the point that the young innocent children are being targeted. Kyron was a student of our school,  he was really active in sports, he loved football and now all of that talent will be taken away from him because he will be paralyzed and not be able to engage in sports again.”

Student 2: “I feel very good that we walked for our school mate Kyron Green. We feel very good for all the schools who came out to help us with this Justice, we hope that we get justice and that there will be no more gun violence.”

Courtney Menzez – Reporter: “Kyron’s school mates were also joined by his sisters and his cousins. They were thankful for all the support that they received and are continuing to receive. His entire family is trying to stay strong in this difficult time. They say that they are just trying to keep the faith.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “He is your cousin as well, what does this mean to see all these kids out here today?”

Taheera Usher – Cousin: “It is really overwhelming, I work right over there, I saw them coming and I ran down the step to join them. It shows that our children are tired, that they understand and that they can also push to change our country. I am really glad to see them out here today.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “What are you hoping is the message that is sent to the community itself when it comes to the violence?”

Taheera Usher – Cousin: “Well I think the kids are sending a strong message, they want the violence to stop and I think that is the message that we want to get across. Innocent people are getting killed, our children and so we need to ask our community to stand together so that these things can stop.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “As the older sister, what does it feel like to get this support from the community or from the schools?”

Kyron’s Sister: “Well, it feels good that everybody is together is supporting my little brother.”

Courtney Menzez – Reporter: “The peace, that is the end goal for everyone that was apart of this walk and also for most others in Belize. Every time a child is affected by gun violence they are reminded of how important peace is. Kyron’s mother, teachers, friends, and relatives all described him as a happy and loving young boy. He deserves to be playing games with his friends, not fighting for his life, he and every other child deserve to be safe.”

Kiesha Zuniga – Std. 4 Teacher St. Luke: “Kyron is a sweet child, he is very jovial, fun filling, he has his ways now and then. No matter, you pull him aside and talk to him, he would have his face all in one but when you see that smile and you know that Kyron is back to his normal senses.”

Courtney Menzez – Reporter: “This innocent young boy was caught in the line of fire when he was just running an errand for his mom. How has the school been dealing with this?”

Kiesha Zuniga – Std. 4 Teacher St. Luke: The school is going through a very rough time on a whole, the students and teachers. We as a family here at St. Luke went through a very tough time with his incident. We need to stop the crime and violence and bring back peace and love in our country, that is our theme and motto for our walk this morning. We have several children that died from gun violence, we know that Kyron is in a critical condition but we pray God’s blessing over him, we have our children and students at school. We wouldn’t want to hear tomorrow, the following day or next week that this one got shot and killed. It will really be traumatizing for us because we are going through a traumatizing moment with Kyron so we just want it to stop, that is all I ask.”

Taheera Usher – Cousin: “It is really ridiculous, my cousin is only eleven years old. He is at the hospital right now fighting for his life. This can happen to any family, it is random so we would like the entire country to come out and send a clear message that the violence needs to stop.”

Student 1: “I just want to send a message to the men out there that are doing these bad things that they need to be considerate about these children’s lives and that they are our future of Belize so please just be considerate for once.”

Reporting for Love News I am Courtney Menzez.

The gunman’s intended target, 21-year-old Raymond Fuller, was hospitalized but has since been discharged from the KHMH.