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Sub-Tropical Depression Forms Outside Hurricane Season

Today we are exactly six weeks away from the start of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  Having a depression formed outside the season, however, is not unheard of and 2017 is yet another example of the happening.  According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, USA, the first sub-tropical depression has formed.  Currently, there is no threat to land and meteorologists are expecting it to be short-lived.  As a matter of fact, the center is saying that the depression will be absorbed at a large extra-tropical low by tomorrow.  Meanwhile, those at the AccuWeather Hurricane is saying that a non-tropical storm will sweep in prior to the end of the week and should create a more hostile atmosphere for strengthening.  In order for the depression to be given a name, the system has to have about thirty nine miles per hour sustained winds.  The hurricane season is set to start at June one but according to CSU, there is the occasional storm that forms outside the season as was seen January 2016 with Hurricane Alex and last May’s Tropical Storm Bonnie.  The list of names for the 2017 storms is the same list used for the 2011 season with the exception of the name, Irma which has replaced Irene.