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Sudden death in Western Belize

A Cayo resident was pronounced dead yesterday evening following a freak accident in Santa Elena Town.  39-year-old Ellis Raul Gomez was using a welding machine under a pickup truck just after four o’clock yesterday evening when his spouse began hearing screams. She made checks on Gomez and found him unresponsive.  We spoke with Gomez’s brother who gave us an account of how the incident transpired.

Brother:I was inside watching tv and my brother got a vehicle and I don’t know he decided to weld the exhaust of his vehicle and all I can remember is that I was inside and suddenly I heard my sister-in-law screaming so I came outside and when I came outside she told me that my brother was getting shocked so I pulled the welder from him and then I turned him over and I just noticed blood coming out of his mouth and I tried to pump him and blow in his mouth and tried everything I could have done for him but from the moment I noticed blood coming from his mouth I knew that maybe he had already died or something really bad happened. We struggled with him for a little while and from there we got a taxi and took him. By the time we reached the bridge I couldn’t feel any pulse on him so we continued and by the time we reached the hospital they put their machine on him to test his pulse and heart beat and he didn’t have a pulse or heart beat so that’s all I could say about it. He was dead already when we reached there.”

Police are not suspecting foul play at this time.