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Sugar association says NO to Santander Sugar

The Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association says that Santander Sugar’s deliberate action to sell white sugar on the local market is quote, “only the preview to further their quest to possible access/approval to be able to participate in the local market which is clearly denoted in the most recent waiver application on the EPZ committee for the sale of sugar into the local market.” End of quote. The association’s Chairman, Vlademir Puck, says the cane farmers strongly oppose Santander being granted the waiver, stating that it will lead to a potential revenue loss to the 5, 400 cane farmers.

Vlademir Puck, Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association: “The position of the association remains in that the livelihood of these farmers and their families. There are 30,000 families I think affected by the move without proper consolation. I can say and we are leaving that in the hand of the Government also yes with the input from our side but I think the proper procedures were not followed very well so we stand with this situation right now and maybe if things would have been taken at a different angle maybe we could have sit down and dialogue with the ——.  We have been dialoguing with various other Ministries in charter with Ms. Thompson and we have been retaining information from them. I can say that they have been moving swiftly considering the time that it was brought up. I think it is moving from my point of view. I see the Government really working hard on it. It is something that cannot be done in a couple of days but looking at the way that we three associations join hands and I brought it up. I can say with the information the information that we have been gathering that they are moving swiftly.”

The Association says that it will keep a close eye on the Government and Santander as dialogue continues.