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Sugar Crop closes

The 2017/2018 sugar crop closed today but the official numbers as to the overall performance of the industry is yet to be released. What we do know however are the latest figures that were released by BSI for week 27 which was last week. The factory performance at that time as it relates to sugar cane ground stood at 1.229 million tons, slightly above the performance for the same time last year. The sugar produced was marginally lower however, amounting to just over 138, 300 tons. Last week BSI officials said that there were some minor setbacks at the mill due to the expansion work conducted to facilitate the increased production of Direct Consumption Sugars. While the final performance figures are still to be calculated, today we spoke with Chairman of the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association, Vladimir Puck, who told us, in a preliminary assessment, that the association’s membership has performed well.

Chairman of the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association, Vladimir Puck: Well in terms of quality I can say we did very well, they are divided into two groups almost half of 144 thousand tons of production. The same way we have two test groups in which there was a group that was excluded. I think it remained at second place right now and the other remainder; Seventh place is not so bad because the competition is very tight but regards to quality we did excellent and regards to those tonnage well those calculations are waiting by day to have the last ton delivered but we did quite well. I can say that it was fair enough taking in to consideration that the drought really affected us but we had cane delivered today so I can say that it was successful in a way that I think all missing groups delivered their cane.

Dalilah Ical: For your association in particular, the members did not really face any problems with cane left over in the field?

Chairman of the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association, Vladimir Puck: Well up to know the information we have is no there is none, there might be but to my knowledge at this point there is none but we need to sit down and with the group and discuss and wait for their reports to the Sugar industry, the control board for us to have a knowledge of that cane that is left on the field.

Representatives of the other two associations told Love News that they will provide a comment on their performances when the official figures are out. The proposed cut off time for deliveries at the sugar mill was at six o’clock today. The factory will however continue receiving sugar cane that farmers have hauled to the mill today and sugar production will continue, possibly to the end of the week.

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