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Sugar payment estimates pending

With the expected drop in sugar production, cane payments will be affected. However, the extent to which payments will be impacted is yet to be seen. There are other significant factors to consider, particularly the continued drop in market prices. Cane Farmers Relations Officer at BSI Olivia Avilez explains further.

Cane Farmers Relations Officer at BSI Olivia Avilez: Sugar cane payments drop this year from the onset due to the external market however the final numbers that we will be able to plug into these estimates following the liquidation process this week, that will be able to tell us what walking price we will be able to estimate. We do see some positives from the results and that is mainly due to the quality and that is the 8.96 DCTS and in the estimate we had an estimate of 9.5 tons cane to cane sugar so that is definitely an increase. We feel very positive about the quality, we congratulate the farmers on that and we need to ensure that all their cane comes in.

The production of Direct Consumption Sugars at BSI is expected to also buffer the impacts of the lowered cane payments. The total production of DC Sugars will also be released in the days ahead.