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Sugar Production Low; Mud Extraction High

The ninth week of the sugar cane crop has shown a decrease in the tons of sugar cane ground for the same period last year. Forty two thousand nine hundred and twenty four tons of cane was ground taking the total for the crop so far to three hundred and eight nine thousand two hundred and eighteen tons, a difference of seventy eight thousand one hundred and sixty two. This translates to three thousand nine hundred and forty two tons of sugar produced for the week. According to BSI/ASR the factory performance was affected by inclement weather. A total of twenty seven point five hours lost this week due to out of cane weather conditions. For the crop so far, total time lost due to out of cane weather is fifty one point nine eight hours.  What has seen an increase is the tons of mud extracted from sugar cane. For this week, one thousand nine hundred and forty three tons of mud was extracted. The total mud processed to date is roughly five percent more than last crop. BSI/ASR says the next planned maintenance stop is tentatively scheduled for February 24.