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Sugar Roads still a Major Concern for Farmers

Another set of challenges for sugar cane farmers are those faced in the fields. Their cost of production continues to be high, farmers also have limited access to finance to make adequate investments in their crop, and there is also the issue of sugar roads which is an annual problem for producers.

Salvador Martin, Management Committee Chairman, BSCFA

“That is something that is damaging our cane farmers drastically right now. It’s hard to come out of the sugar roads and streets and it’s an extra expense and we know that the price that comes out right now it’s really hurting us as cane farmer.”

Gabriel Martinez, SICB Chairman

“We have been promised that work will commence very soon, the Ministry of Works I understand has initiated to do some work and that will be addressed very shortly, that is the information that I have up to now. So that should bring some alleviation in terms of cutting costs especially in the transportation sector of the farmers. It’s unfortunate that we can’t, well not all the feeder roads can be attended to because it’s quite an amount but some roads have been prioritized and I understand that those will be the roads that will be dealt with on a priority basis.”