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Sugar Season Begins for 2016/2017

This morning at Tower Hill in the Orange Walk District, the sugar cane crop season 2016-2017 was officially opened. Chairman of all three sugar producing associations were present and so was Love News.


“The first truck delivered the first batch of sugar cane just after ten o’clock. The goal this year for ASR/BSI, and the farmers, is for the factory at Tower Hill to mill 1.399 million tons of sugar cane.”


“We actually doubt there’s that much cane because for two simple reasons one is that because of the low cane prices last year less inputs went into the land and what tends to happen because of that is that yields are reduced secondly there has been quite a lot of outbreaks of frog hopper this pest which equally reduces yields. I do hope we have plenty of cane but I’d be somewhat surprised if that were the figure that comes in.”


“There is no telling what amount of sugar will be produced by the factory but the Chairman of the Corozal Sugarcane Producers Association, Elvin Canul and his 609 member are expecting a very sweet crop.”


“We are looking optimistic at those numbers. Our association represents a little under 150 tons of that 1.34; we’re looking forward to a crop, we cannot guarantee the production in the field all depends on the maintenance provided by each individual farmer last year and the productivity will depend on the type of the maintenance that the fields got.”


It will also depend on the performance of the factory and at this point in time, neither the farmers nor ASR/BSI can afford a mechanical hiccup. While the Vice President of International Relations for ASR, Mac McLachlan could not guarantee a smooth sugar cane crop season, he did say that his team of highly skilled professionals is keeping a close watch on the factory. 


“The factory as you can see behind you is a big beast with many moving parts and I would be very brash to say that we can guarantee that there won’t be any breakdowns. Honestly I don’t know but we have an excellent technical team of people here who will basically take this place apart at the end of the crop, they fix things up, they buy new things, they improve systems they make it more efficient, they put it all together, they work incredibly hard and we are very grateful for the effort that they put in because now at this stage barely six months since the end of the crop we have a very refurbished factor and it’s as good as we can get it we are hopeful that it will be a reasonably uneventful crop from the factor perspective but a lot depends on the weather, on machinery as well so we can never give cast iron guarantees but here’s hoping that this will be a good one.”

That sentiment was shared by Agriculture Minister, Godwin Hulse.


“I see it as a great start, I am extremely delighted and happy that I saw the first truck roll in I trust the weather will be good and I am looking forward for the mill to mill all 1.4 million tons of cane that we have which would be a first really, no stand over cane, good quality sugar people will make money and they will see that this thing can work so I am very elated.”


“At the end of week 27 of last year’s crop, the factory milled more than one point two millions tons of cane producing over one hundred and twenty thousand tons of sugar. At that time the overall ton cane per ton sugar, TC/TS, stood at nine point seven six. Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.”