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Sugar Season Closes with Record Numbers

The 2015 Sugar Cane Crop Season has come to an end with record figures.  When the BSI gates closed at 6 pm on Sunday July 12, cane farmers had delivered a total of one million one hundred and eighty six thousand one hundred and fifty three point nine tons of cane.  Because this year cane quality was at its best  ever in the history of the industry with a TCTS, ton of cane per ton of sugar, of 8.38, by Monday afternoon when operations closed a total of one hundred and forty one thousand four hundred and ninety nine point seventy one tons of sugar had been processed. The last estimated price per ton of cane approximately sixty seven dollars.  However this price is expected to slightly increase as the sugar production this year surpasses the estimation at the start of the crop season.  The second payment to cane farmers is expected to be disbursed in the next two weeks at which point farmers will also be receiving payment for bagasse.