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From Summer Camp to No Styrofoam Art Exhibit

The “No Plastics, No Styrofoam Kids Summer Camp” was a unique summer activity in the Cayo district that had the patronage of Minister Omar Figueroa. In July, over 50 kids learned about conservation and participated in clean-up activities. Though school is now open for the kids, they got together to put their artworks on display.

Jose Sanchez: “With lessons learned about the 2019 battle against styrofoam; the kids from Bullet Tree are already inhibiting signs that they will keep the environment clean.”

Anita Tzec Summer Camp Organizer: “I feel very happy that we held this camp, it was first of its kind in our community and I feel it has come as a motivation for our kids. As you can see the kids are here, the parents are here, they are very enthusiastic about it. We have started some changes in some of the families and some of the food business in the community so I think this camp has had a very important impact in this community.”

Jose Sanchez: “With lessons learned of the 2019 battle against styrofoam the kids from Bullet Tree are already inhibiting signs that they will keep the environment clean.”

Annika Reyes Student: “In the village people from town always come and throw their garbage right there and we always see the fishes eating them and it doesn’t look nice but I am thinking that every Saturday the kids from the camp can get together and do like community clean up to clean the rivers, the streets, our neighborhood.”

Sasil Penados Student: “Really not to throw garbage into the rivers, we learn to protect our animals like the trip we went to the zoo. We went to protect our animals to see the animals and to see that some of these were injured and we have to protect those who are getting extinct like the Tapir and others.”

Jose Sanchez: “The camp had the support of Omar Figurello.”

Omar Figurello: “Extremely excited about what we saw and when you set out to these types of initiatives you know from the onset that the government can set out the policy initiative but at the end of the day if the country and the people don’t buy into it and try to make it happen it will be impossible to accomplish. The issue of styrofoam and plastics is recognized globally as one of the main environmental challenges so when we come here today to see what was accomplished in that workshop, to see that there is still a way forward is really encouraging. I think that we are well on the way to implement this ban by June of 2019 according to what we initially set out to do.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

The exhibit is currently installed at the NICH House of Culture in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. It is open to the public until the 18th of October.