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Summer Camps for Children

With a few weeks left for school to close, students are looking forward to the summer break and to let the fun begin. Meanwhile, parents are wondering how to keep their children occupied for the summer. Well there are a lot of organizations that will be having activities just for the children. We stopped by the Young Women Christian Association, YWCA, to learn the different activities that they will be offering.

Deanna Gomez-Peyrefitte – General Secretary of YWCA: “Our Self-defense is open but mostly young children will take that. Cosmetology is for ages twelve and over as well as cooking which is also twelve and over, those are all still children. Cake and Pastry will be twelve and over and I think it has to do with the security aspect of it as to why the age range is as is. Learn to Swim for  Toddlers like I said that is once a week and that is three to five-year-olds. We are running three sessions of swimming so if you don’t catch one you can come to another or if you want to do all three that is up to you. Learning to Swim for Children is age sixteen to fifteen. Our swimming instructors are highly trained, like I said they go through training before the swimming starts, most of them are lifeguards anyway so they are highly trained but I don’t think you should have to worry, we are going to make sure our class is limited so that children can get the kind of attention that they need. Everyone has to pay a $5 registration fee for whichever session you are taking. Our classes are really not expensive, they are affordable so you pay $30 for Karate, that is for two weeks, for Cosmetology that is also two weeks and that is $40 so $5 registration plus this $40 or $30. The cooking class is $40, our Cake and Pastry are $40 so we are roughly $30 or $40 for a class. For registration, I would say come in by the end of June or the beginning of July the latest.”

Belize Camping Experience has been around for eleven years and their focus is to teach children to build relationships with each other and with God.

Vicky Chan – Intern with the Belize Camping Experience: “We have three camps per week so we have a team of about thirty counselors and volunteers that are split into groups of three. We sent ten young people to three different locations across the city so that they can run three camps simultaneously at the same time. This means that we do three of everything, all the materials that we need, we split them into three in order for this to be a success. When they come to BCE Camp partnered with different churches and schools from across the city they can expect many fun things such as doing activities, they can expect to do experiments, they can expect fun games, they can expect to learn songs but most of all they can expect to learn Bible stories that will impact their lives.”

These summer programs will commence in July.