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Sunday Afternoon Murder in Roaring Creek

The murder count increased by three this past weekend as two more murders were recorded in the Belize District and a third in the Cayo District. A community is reeling after a teenager was shot and killed on Sunday afternoon in Roaring Creek Village. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with an eyewitness as well as the officer in charge of Belmopan Police.


“18 year old Malique Morris a construction worker of Roaring Creek Village was shot whilst having a conversation with a female in the Another World area of Roaring Creek Village. Morris was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital by the special patrol unit but he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment. Kendra Pech spoke to Love News about hearing the gunshots.”


“I could still hear the gun shots. Yesterday my nephew Ashton Puerto came and sat on the veranda and was telling me about the misunderstanding he had had the night before and he was telling me that him and Malique had a misunderstanding and Malique took away his bike and $10 from him so I told him to go to Mr. Sonny and explain himself. Me and my friend sat on the step and he said “I’m only sorry for the mothers.” So I ask them which mother because he didn’t say one mother. I told him that that is not the kind of way to think. He said “I’m getting tired of everyone taking me lightly.” he sat down and I went inside and I told Keith that I would go to lie down. I thought Ashton had gone with Keith. It was at about 2:45 or 2:30 when the little girl passed through the yard and shouted something about a snake so I ran outside to come and see the snake. When I ran out my nephew was under the house sleeping and when he saw the snake he jumped up and ran out. At that same time Malique was going his own way Ashton saw the snake and asked for help to kill the snake. When Ashton saw Malique pull out the knife Ashton ran back but I don’t know if he picked up something to help the little girl but when I came outside it was because Ashton had the piece of pipe and he shot the little boy for no reason, he just shot that little boy. I came out and told him not to shoot him again because he was going to shoot him again. I screamed out for my neighbor and he ran out to come help Malique.  We tried to get him to the hospital but we couldn’t do any better.”


“Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett updated us on the investigation.”


“Yesterday we had an unfortunate incident in which Mr.Malique Morris lost his life. What we know so far is that it seems that it was an act of retaliation, he might have been involved in a stabbing incident with the accused and it was the accused who went and as a form of retaliation fired the shot the fatally wounded Mr.Norris. I want to offer my sympathies to the family and the friends of the deceased. Ever since the incident occurred we have been in high gear to bring closure to it because rightly so we need to do that for the family. We’ve been able to capture the suspect who is in our custody and I am very pleased with the performance of our officers so much so that all those who were involved with the investigation will be rewarded monetarily to tell them thanks.We have already told them this morning that we are grateful for the work that they did, we’ve also been able to sometime around 12am we’ve been able to recover the weapon. The weapon is a homemade firearm capable of firing shotgun cartridges. It is now in our custody and has been processed and will be sent to our lab for further testing.”