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Surveillance cameras to be placed on the John Smith Road in light of Allen Martinez’s death

 Police investigators are also hoping to gather additional details in the case of 35-year-old Allen Martinez whose body was found yesterday off the John Smith Road. Martinez’s badly decomposed body was discovered face down in a shallow pool of water about 50 feet off the road. The Belize City resident was last seen on September 3 a stone’s throw away from his home on Central American Boulevard. His death is yet to be classified by police because there were no signs of injuries observed on his body and little is known about what led to his disappearance. Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, shared today that in light of the incident 3 surveillance cameras will be placed along the road where several murders have occurred in recent years. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We are awaiting the postmortem examination. I can say that from the inspection of the body there was no sign of injuries on the body and so we have to wait for the post mortem to see what the cause of death is and based on that then we’re going to see what category we put it under if it is homicide or as the case may be. So I think the postmortem shall be conducted this afternoon and once the result is out then we will have the public notified of it. Certainly we would like to put a mobile patrol in the area but at this time it is extremely difficult due to our human resource constraints. Nonetheless I am hoping that sometime next week we should be able to erect three surveillance cameras there; one at each entry and the other in the middle and with that we should be able to have some coverage of the John Smith Rd in the interim until we can have the human resources to put up our children the area. I do believe the lighting condition of the John Smith Rd is good. Perhaps in certain areas there may be the need to put nights and that is something that certainly we can discuss with BEL to see what they can do to help.”