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Suspect expected to be charged for Richard Foster’s Murder

Emmy winning filmmaker Richard Foster was killed after his home was robbed earlier in the week. The criminals made a wide distance for the police to cover from the Savannah home in Democracia to where his vehicle was found in Mahogany Heights. His body was found Tuesday night, close to the river in the Rivera area of Belmopan. Deputy Commissioner Police and Commander of Operations, Chester Williams said they will soon make an arrest for Foster’s murder.

D.C.P Chester Williams, Commander of Operations: “The Foster investigation is being headed by Inspector Aban who is from Belize City CIB Support. He was appointed the chief investigator as he is a senior investigator and due to the nature of how the incident occurred we saw it fit to appoint a senior investigator to investigate that matter. And yes we have made some progress in that investigation and we are hoping that hopefully over the weekend we should be able to effect an arrest in respect to Foster’s murder. No matter how much police you put on the streets the criminals will always try to find a way to operate but what we have put in place has been effective in that to every time they strike we are there to catch them and I will say this loud and clear; as a department we will continue to vigorously pursue those persons who want to be out there and relieve persons of their hard earned property and whenever they are caught we are going to do what we can to ensure that the matter is well investigated, well put together and taken before a court of law where their fate will be decided but as a department we continue to do our best in arresting the situation.”