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Suspected Drug Runner Efrain Cano Says He Avoided Police Custody due to Fear of Police Brutality

He was wanted in connection with the drug plane landing of November 4 in Bladen Village, Toledo District. But, yesterday afternoon 35-year-old, Efrain Cano was in police custody after being on the run for forty days. Love News understands that Cano, a resident of Caledonia Village, Corozal District, handed himself in at the Belmopan Police Station this afternoon. We spoke with the Police Commissioner on this arrest.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Let me first and foremost say thanks to my good learned friend Mr.Bradley who brought in Mr.Cano to us yesterday. As you would know that we have been in search for Cano since the Bladen landing and yes he will be charged in respect to the drugs found in connection with the Bladen landing for the drugs as well as for conspiring with others to facilitate the landing of an aircraft at Bladen.”

Cano has retained the legal services of Senior Attorney, Richard Bradley. According to Bradley his client went into hiding for fear of being beaten by the Police.

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney: Well the Commissioner has said to you that he will charge him so the least I say the better. I think I understood his name to be Efrain. His family did make contact through third parties who as family members they learnt that he’s wanted by the police. He was badly injured and he was advised, not by myself, he was advised to go and hide himself because they believed that if the police got their hands on him they would ill treat him, they would beat him and before you know it they have a confession statement. Now a confession statement obtained in those circumstances will not hold up in court. There are two persons from the first drug plane who were badly beaten by police officers did you hear anything about that ? They have shown the media their injuries, their medical paper from the layer who was representing them, do you hear anything about that ? Alright, so those things are still happening.”

Cano will be the twelfth person to be charged in the November 4 drug bust. The narco-plane landing involved four Police officers who along with several others facilitated the landing and a failed attempt at unloading of 750 parcels of cocaine as well as high powered rifles, one of them being the property of the Police Department. The drugs were seized and have since been destroyed while the firearms are in police’s custody as evidence. Cano is expected to be charged and arraigned later this week.