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Suspected Grenade Found in Dangriga

Meanwhile, a grenade was found on the street in Dangriga Town, earlier today. According to reports we’ve received, it was found in the area near Pen Road and Church Street in the southern municipality. Love News spoke to Mayor Robert Mariano via phone moments ago about the discovery and the concerns that have been raised.

Robert Mariano, Mayor, Dangriga Town: “I spoke to the Southern Regional Commander a while ago and he had confirmed that an object was found on the corner of 3rd Street and Penn Road here in Dangriga. The object appears to be a grenade. As a matter of fact he went further and mentioned to me that the grenade has been retrieved b the bomb expert of the Belize Defence Force and so far they cannot confirm yet if it is a live grenade. However the grenade was taken for them to investigate and very soon they’ll release whether if the grenade is a live grenade. Like the inhabitants of Dangriga I am very very concerned because you rightly mentioned that we have never had such a case before and now it’s a concern for us to wonder how especially where this grenade was found it was found on top of the cement pavement it wasn’t concealed or anything. So had a child found this grenade it could have been a very serious incident and so I am concerned and I’ll be having a discussion with the police department some time this week to see where we go from there because things like this is very serious and the police need to investigate the matter.”

We will also keep following this story.