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Suspected Narco Plane Crash Lands off the Placencia Peninsula

Investigators are probing into the strange circumstances that led to the two wings of a suspected narco-plane turning up in the waters between Lark and Moho Cayes in the south. Divers of the Belize Coast Guard along with other law enforcement personnel have been combing the area since Saturday, but no one was found in the waters. Reports were rampant over the weekend that drugs were found floating in the waters, but our source refused to confirm or deny those reports. Police Commissioner Chester Williams spoke on the matter this morning during the weekly press briefing, saying that the key part of the investigation relies on locating the plane’s fuselage.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “On Friday night we received as we normally do, information of a track that had left South America and was destined for our area. We did what we would normally do in terms of deploying the troops to the different areas that we believe the plane might possibly want to land and some time around 1AM on Saturday morning , which is Friday night , the plane entered our air space and our team comprising of police and members of the Belize Defence Force were in place at the different possible landing spots and the plane went apparently it wanted to land on the air strip at Riversdale but we had a team there and so it could not have landed. The plane went out and disappeared off the radar somewhere East of Placencia village. We were of the belief that the plane had gone to Honduras to land. In the morning of Saturday we receive information from fishermen that they saw the remains of a plane floating about fifteen to twenty miles East of Placencia village which would be in the Moho Caye area and based on that we deployed members of the Belize Police Department and the Coast Guard to the area to search. So far we have found the wings of the plane and the tail but we have not been able to locate the fuselage and that is the most important part because we still are of the view that the drugs may be in the fuselage  as well as the pilot.”

Commissioner Williams further stated that additional elements have been brought in to expand the search.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Since then we have conducted intensive search of the area including using the helicopter to do a fly over of the general area and we have still not been able to locate the fuselage. Our search continues. We have put together an investigative team that will be tasked to look at the entire situation to see if we’ll be able to get information that will lead us to the fuselage of that plane.”

Reporter: What makes police believe that this is the same plane that was being tracked which could have possibly landed in Honduras ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well because of the radar track. It was in our air space around the Riversdale area and it went out back East of Placencia and so we thought it went to Honduras but the area it was found was right within the area where it disappeared off the radar

Reporter: Now the fuselage as you call it, is it believed that this is under water and that the cargo might still be in there and this may alert again certain villagers to you know what let’s go out and search for this cargo, how do you even deter them from doing that ? 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well we do have a number of police officers and coast guard out at sea. We have maintained our presence in the area since the incident occurred and we are going to remain there until we can locate where the fuselage is. We must find it and we’re going to do what we can to find it.”

Reporter: What’s the likelihood that the pilot survived ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I cannot say. I don’t think an impact like that the pilot would survive but we’ll wait and see when we find the fuselage.”

Reports were rampant that bails of drugs were floating in the waters, and that fishermen were zeroing on the parcels. Police, however, have been unable to confirm such a report.