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Citizens cry foul on arrest; claim harassment from police

Yesterday police conducted searches at the residence of 47 year old Cherrie Michelle Sutherland. There, police found a brown pipe they say was used for smoking marijuana.  At the time of the search, 20-year-old Mikah Deshawn Tench, 26-year-old Cleo Leroy Cherington, 24-year-old  Nisani Daniel Garcia, 24-year-old Marie Lavern Williams and 16-year-old minors were present. So police arrested and charged the seven of them for the offence “Possession of Pipe”.   According to Sutherland, law enforcement officers have been harassing her and her family.

Cherrie Sutherland: “They come dah my house they come look for somebody name Dawn or Dan. I have kids I have young baby at my house, my grand kids. They don’t come with sense; they come like bullies, they rush in the house with guns, pointing guns in your face. They don’t have any question. They don’t have any warrant you understand me. If they would come good and ask for guns, guns and ammunition they come look for. No kind of questions they just bust in the whole spot for no reason. I am getting tired of that. Seven of us they took from my house for one simple pipe that no one uses. A souvenir, that tourist village sells to everybody. Why will they charge us for a pipe and harass us about somebody I don’t know about every minute. He was my son in law, well is my son in law, but is not there, He doesn’t live there. They had this man in custody. It’s not our fault that the young man get away from their hands. They had him already you understand. It’s not our fault the young man got away from them. They were supposed to keep an eye on him in the court house. Then they harass my husband, I don’t know where he is or where he went, or where he stay or who he went to stay with. You understand me that’s my property. I don’t know how to say it, I get enough of that.”