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Swaso Charged for Gang Leader’s Murder

The death of Gerald ‘Shiney’ Tillett on Saturday, April 16 sent the Belize Police Department in high alert resulting in additional patrols, the shutting down of several bars, clubs and liquor stores and intervention sessions within the gang communities.  Tillett who was dubbed the George Street Gang Leader was shot in Dangriga; with the progress of that murder investigation, we join our Stann Creek Correspondent, Harry Arzu.


“Nicolas Swazo was arraigned yesterday in Belmopan’s Magistrate court was charged for one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. He was subsequently remanded to the Kolbe Foundation until his next court appearance. This stems from a shooting incident that occurred on Saturday night April 16 under the once popular Wadani Shed located on the Corner of St.Vincent and Mangrove Streets here in Dangriga. According to reports the fun under the shed was disrupted shortly after 7pm that night as people scrambled for cover after gunfire erupted during a dice game leaving one man dead and two others injured. According to witnesses a lone gunman identified as Nicola Swazo went to the shed in the first instance shot one of the players identified as Gerald Shiny Tillett, the former leader of the George Street Gang. Tillett sustained a gunshot wound to the back of his head, as he fell onto the table the gunman reportedly fired more shots hitting businessman David Rodriguez to the left side of his chest while Carlos Sharp general manager for two companies in the tourism industry was shot to the center of his chest. They were transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where Rodriguez was treated and released. The shooting victims were later rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where Gerald Tillett was pronounced dead sometime around 11pm while Sharp is still recovering. In the wake of the shooting police have since increased their patrols and roadblocks in Dangriga and in the city.

Tillett was laid to rest on Saturday, April 23 in Belize City.