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Swaying the Agenda from Finances to Incursions

Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and the Opposition Representative in the National Security Council, Ambassador Assad Shoman are in Washington DC tonight preparing to hold discussions with their Guatemalan Counterparts under the auspices of the Organization of American States. That meeting was scheduled to primarily speak on the way further in reference to the finances needed to keep the OAS office open at the Adjacency Zone. However, Prime Minister Dean Barrow pointed out that Belize’s delegation will make an effort to convince the Guatemalan representatives to discuss the matter arising from the Sarstoon.


“The last formal position that we know of with respect to the Guatemalan delegation was that they are not going there to talk about the Sarstoon, they are going there to talk about funding for the adjacency zone and other matters. It is our position that we must talk about the Sarstoon. I am hoping that thing having gone as far as they did on Saturday will oblige a realization on the part of the Guatemalan delegation that indeed the Sarstoon must be discussed. It would be unrealistic to think that even if that happens any protocol can be agreed to during the Washington meeting. All we want is a commitment for there to be a specific discussion going forward about the Sarstoon and only the Sarstoon so that we can come to some sort of a resolution.”

PM Barrow says that if the Guatemalan counterpart disagrees to speak on the Sarstoon matter, he will seek to get in touch with Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales directly.