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Swiss National to be Deported

For forty-two year old Swiss national Christian Reis, trouble came two fold. Yesterday he appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser and he was fined $150 plus $5 court cost after he pled guilty to possession of 1.4 grams of cannabis. He was ordered to pay the fine forthwith, in default 1 month imprisonment. Today he was back in court again. This time the offence was failure to comply with the condition of his visitor’s permit. He pled guilty to the charge. Chief Magistrate Fraser ordered to pay a fine of $1,000 forthwith, in default 6 months imprisonment. She also told him that she will make out an order for him to be deported to Switzerland either after he has paid the fine, or served the time. Reis arrived in Belize on April 13 and he was given a permit for him to stay until May 12. When his time was up he did not apply for an extension.