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T-shirts go on sale to support COLA

As part of its Build the Base now campaign COLA today introduced its t-shirt sale to raise funds to keep the organization’s work going.

Gilroy Usher Junior – Vice President, COLA

“COLA is a people’s organization solely dependent on the good will of the Belizean people and their support and commitment so COLA well knows that whatever we do, whatever campaigns we embark on we can never ignore the continued support and love of patriotic Belizeans who want to stand with us. As an organization we are nothing without them and we will never stop thanking them for their support despite government pressures and naysayers. Our t-shirts for this “Build the base now” campaign was acquired by our treasurer Mr. Edward young who is also responsible for the “No ICJ” t-shirt that we acquired for the campaign of the same name we launched some years ago. We cannot thank him enough and the manufacturers enough since the cost of acquiring the t-shirts not to mention manufacturing costs were definitely overwhelming.”

The t-shirts are on sale for thirteen dollars apiece. You can contact Giovanni Brackett at 664-3771 or Edward Young at 670-4334 for orders.