Cynthia Ellis-Topsey Attends Garifuna Conference in St. Vincent

Belizean cultural ambassador, Cynthia Ellis-Topsey, was one of several residents of Central America who attended
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Historic Milestone: Garifuna Language to be Included in School Curriculum

After three years of collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the National Garifuna Council
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Love Crew Explores George Town Village as Part of Garifuna

Festivities in southern Belize leading up to the Garifuna Settlement Day celebration continued today, and
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Government to Pay Homage to Garifuna Legends Paul Nabor and

This weekend, the government is paying homage to Garifuna Legends, Paul Nabor and Andy Palacio.
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Love FM Southern Tour: Visiting Hopkins Village Ahead of Settlement

Love FM’s southern tour continues this week, with the team visiting Hopkins Village today. Love’s
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Peni Punta Gorda Hosts 18th Annual Battle of the Drums

Over the weekend, Peni Punta Gorda was ground zero for the 18th annual Battle of
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