Opposition Leader Moses Shyne Barrow Criticizes Belize’s Suspension of Diplomatic

Leader of the Opposition, Moses Shyne Barrow, has written a 7-page letter regarding the stance
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Government and Churches Disagree Over Belize’s Stance on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Tonight, the government and the churches remain at odds over the Israel-Palestine conflict that has
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Government Urges Belizeans to March for Peace in Palestine

The government is urging Belizeans to march for peace in Palestine. Next week, a group
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Minister Courtenay Responds to Israel’s Condemnation of Belize Following Diplomatic

We also asked Minister Courtenay to respond to Israel’s condemnation of Belize following the measures
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Israel condemns Belize’s decision to suspend diplomatic relations with them

Israel has condemned Belize’s decision to suspend diplomatic relations with them, and its alignment with
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Belize Takes Strong Stand Against Israeli Actions: Withdraws Ambassador Accreditation

The Government of Belize is taking a stand against the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) following
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