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Taiwan and Belize Enter Cooperation Agreement on Health

The Ministry of Health today signed an agreement on cooperation in public health and medical skills with the Government of Taiwan. The objective of the agreement is to access technical support from Taiwan in several areas including health education, disease screening and clinical services.  Minister of Health Pablo Marin tells us more.


“It’s an agreement that is about $2.1 million US dollars that will be in a span of five years. The collaboration can continue in this program but it’s directed at renal failure. As the ambassador mentioned it will have a series of events; training nurses and technicians as well as community health workers to go and screen in Belize. It’s a non communicable disease but it’s something that is affecting a lot of our people It’s a chronic disease that I think with the proper screening and diagnosis can be prevented. It’s more working along with the community and the community has to realize that we have to start eating healthy, exercise and also everything is in union, collaboration working together with Taiwan and the community for us to have a better Belize and a better health system.”

Ambassador Benjamin Ho said the signing of the agreement signifies a milestone in our medical cooperation.


The signing took place at the Western Regional Health Vaccine room.