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Taiwan Belize It fair celebrates 30 years of friendship

The Taiwan Belize It Friendship Fair, which was sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and organized by Love FM, was held this past weekend. The fair, which was filled with fun, food, and, of course, friendship, proved to be a success and a fine celebration of the strong diplomatic relationship between the two countries. Love News Reporter, Courtney Menzies, visited the fair and compiled this report.

Courtney Menzies:Thirty years, that is how long the friendship of Belize and the Republic of China,Taiwan has been. On Saturday to help celebrate the lasting friendship, the Taiwan Belize It Fair was held at the Memorial Park in Belize City. Mayor Bernard Wagner and Love FM CEO Rene Villanueva expressed their endless gratitude for everything Taiwan has done for Belize in their speeches.”

Mayor Bernard Wagner: “Two variations of cultures have been working together for the collective good of their countries and of course their people. Although Ambassador Chen has only been appointed since 2018 he has already excelled in his capacity and has introduced so many initiatives to uphold the bond of our countries and improve the lives of our people. Today marks a wonderful transition into a brighter future and I am happy that we are able to share in this moment together. My hope for our correlation is that it continues to bare opportunities for the people of Taiwan and the people of Belize so that thirty years from now our successors can celebrate this ongoing union in an even more elaborate fashion.”

Love FM C.E.O. – Rene Villanueva: The love that exists between the people of Belize and the people of Taiwan is unique. It has endured for thirty years, not one, not two, not three, thirty and Ambassador as Chairman of the Belize Scout Foundation I want to thank you personally again and publicly for your support to the scouts for the new National Scouts Headquarters. The building will be named the Sir Colville Young National Scout Headquarters after our Governor General.”

Courtney Menzies: “As you heard Rene Villanueva say Taiwan has given a donation for a projected Scout HeadQuarters to the tune of $200,000, the headquarters will be near Birds Isle. Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize, his Excellency Remus Chen also spoke about other ways Taiwan has helped Belize, especially in terms of education.”

H.E. Remus Li-Kuo Chen – Ambassador of the Republic of China-Taiwan: “We have so many accomplishments for the thirty years of diplomatic ties, from the year of 2002 and until year 2019 now. Altogether there are four hundred Belizean students studying in Taiwan. That is a very significant number out of the four hundred thousand people population in Belize. When they return, they come back, they serve in public and the private sectors to help contribute and bring back those things that they cherished and learn from Taiwan. Other areas also include infrastructure, public health, urban resilience, disaster prevention, agriculture, aquaculture and many different fields including also humanitarian and disaster relief.”

Courtney Menzies: “So then how can Belize return the favor? Well, Taiwan needs assistance from its allies to be recognized on the international stage as it struggles with self-determination. The Governor General Sir Colville Young and Foreign Minister Wilfred Ellington both express Belize’s willingness to do so.”

Governor General – Sir Colville Young: “As the mayor said we are far apart in geographical space but we are near in love and cooperation. Belize fully and strongly supports the aspirations of the people of the Republic of China Taiwan to be a full member of the United Nations with peaceful and amicable relations with all the states on our globe.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Wilfred Elrington: “Taiwan needs the assistance of its friends, it is said that there are no free lunches and that is true. Taiwan gives us a lot, a great deal but they also expect a lot from us. Taiwan expects that we are going to support them in the international community so that they can take their rightful place on the international stage.”

Courtney Menzies: “The Taiwan Belize It Fair was filled to the brim with local, foreign cuisine and crafts. It featured artists, as well as provided information for Taiwanese Scholarships. In the end, it certainly strengthens the bond between the countries.”

H.E. Remus Li-Kuo Chen – Ambassador of the Republic of China-Taiwan: We are just sister nations, we are just brothers and sisters, we are just like families. No matter when, where, anytime you need us, we will stand firm and stand strong with you.”

Love FM C.E.O. – Rene Villanueva: “Long live Taiwan, long live Belize,  long live the friendship and the love that is shared and enjoyed by the people of Taiwan and the people of Belize.”

Courtney Menzies: “Reporting for Love News I am Courtney Menzies.”

The fair was also co-hosted by the Celebration Committee of Taiwan Compatriots in Belize. Chairman, Mr. Alex Chang, expressed his belief that the friendship and cooperation between Taiwan and Belize will only continue to grow stronger. He also mentioned that on August 26, a Culture Delegation will be in Belize, and on September 8, the Celebration Committee hopes to host a Food Lecture. Chang invited both the local and Taiwanese communities to celebrate in these future activities./////////