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“Taiwan Belize It”

Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) will mark thirty years of diplomatic relationship with a fair, which will be held tomorrow at the Memorial Park in Belize City. There is a lot to celebrate since the relationship has been a very fruitful one.  Taiwan has contributed to the development of the country in countless ways. Its generosity has been felt in the healthcare sector, the law enforcement sector, the education sector, the agriculture sector, and the tourism sector just to name a few.   Manuela Ayuso, the coordinator, said that the public can expect to see a synergy of the two cultures.

Manuela Ayuso – Coordinator, Love FM: “The celebration is called Taiwan Belize It Friendship Fair and it is a celebration of the commemoration of the thirtieth year of the establishment of diplomatic ties and friendship between Belize and Taiwan. The idea for the fair is to bring the Taiwanese and Belizean communities together in a fair that would celebrate just that, friendship and so we have participation from the Taiwanese community, we have participation from the Belizean community as well in the booths and it should be a very exciting day. We have a ceremony starting at 10:30 tomorrow morning here on Taiwan St. in Belize City and so it will feature some remarks from some invited guests, followed by cultural presentations. We have several groups who are taking part in the entertainment section, our segment of this fair tomorrow. We have the Benque Marimba, Los Hijos Del West, we have the participation of the Garifuna Youth Group from Dangriga. We have the participation of the Belize Dance Company, of the Northern Maya Association who will be taking part in this activity as well tomorrow. We also have and we are very excited to see and to experience the Taiwanese culture. There are two dances that will be presented by that community tomorrow and we invite everybody to come out and to see it.”

The fair will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Memorial Park in Belize City and there will be forty-five booths with a variety of items on display.