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Taiwan and Belize to work on developing tourism

As a part of the celebration of 30 years of friendship between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Belize, there was signing ceremony for a letter of intent on framework for tourism cooperation between the two countries. The letter signifies a commitment between Belize and Taiwan to continue working together to better the tourism industry for both countries. Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr., along with the Ambassador of Taiwan in Belize, His Excellency Remus Chen, and the Minister of Transportation and Communications in Taiwan, Dr. Chia-Lung Lin, all remarked on what a historical milestone the signing ceremony was.

Manuel Heredia – Minister of Tourism: “We have just finalized a historic bilateral encounter between both our Ministries and respective agencies in which we discussed specific areas in how our institutions can lend support to one another in the development of Tourism and Aviation in our country. Today we have gathered here to sign a letter of intent for cooperation between both of our Ministries and respective Tourism industries in the area of Tourism. Over the past few weeks, we have worked diligently with our counterparts in Taipei and with our partners at the Embassy of Taiwan in Belize in establishing the first set of priority areas that both our vanitations would like to collaborate and cooperate on. The starting of best practices in market development, destination promotion, culinary tourism, community tourism, and cultural heritage preservation to name a few.”

H.E. Remus Chen – Ambassador of Taiwan in Belize: “This year the Government of Taiwan will not only sign this letter of intent on the framework of tourism cooperation but also as the initiatives to further enhance the bilateral cooperation through this tourism cooperation but also will help organize some delegation from North America which are comprised of Chinese investors, including North America, which means the United States and Canada. For the purpose of exploring the possibility of investment here for the Tourism Industry in Belize. Taiwan and Belize will identify and have already done so in this hour-long meeting between the two sides. The needs, the opportunities in those very critical areas they will actually be participating by both sides to promote further professional exchanges and to evaluate the most needed inland possible cases for the cooperation so with a bright future in front of our eyes let me conclude by saying that we wish these tourism sectors cooperation between our countries will continue to flourish and to do better. Viva  Belize, viva Taiwan.”

Dr. Chia-Lung Lin – Minister of Transportation & Communications, Taiwan: “Belize has the potential to become a major tourism country. I believe that through the signing of the Taiwan Belize Tourism Cooperation Letter of Intent. We will exchange tourism development and technology exchanges between the two sides.”

In the interest of tourism, Taiwan has also been helping financially with the “Downtown Rejuvenation Project,” which also includes the building of a Welcome Center at the old Paslow Building.////////