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Taiwan calls out China for being a bully

The Republic of China (Taiwan) and Belize enjoy an excellent relationship. Taiwan has made major contributions to Belize over the years.  Earlier this month, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Jaushieh Joseph Wu made a visit to Belize to further strengthen ties with Belize.  However, the relationship between China and Taiwan is a very hostile one. Over the years, China pressured several of Taiwan’s allies to sever ties with Taiwan. China continues in its tactics against Taiwan in an effort to destabilize its sovereignty by applying pressure to other countries.  China, through its Civil Aviation Administration, sent out a correspondence to forty-four international airlines demanding that Taiwan is not listed as a separate nation from China or else they could face consequences for non-compliance. A release from the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) states that [QUOTE] “the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) strongly condemns China’s crude attempts to coerce foreign airlines to downgrade Taiwan’s status” [END QUOTE]. Taiwan has also encouraged the affected companies to handle the issue pertinently. Furthermore, Taiwan’s government calls on all like-minded nations’ assistance in putting a stop to China’s bullying in the international arena.  Taiwan urge countries not to allow China’s interference in their business practices to become an accepted norm.  The deadline for these airlines to comply was July 25th.  According to Chinese state newspaper the People’s Daily, all forty-four airlines have complied including American Airlines, United, and Delta. The release said that Taiwan will not disappear due to the suppression of the Chinese authorities.