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Taiwan has been a stanch ally of Belize. Earlier in August we had a state visit from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen who promised to continue assisting with the development of the nation by investing in education infrastructure, scholarships and hospitals. To date five hundred thousand US dollars worth have of equipment has been donated to the Police Department from Taiwan. Today the full police brass was in attendance for the donation of over 100 Lifan motorcycles and other equipment.

Jose Sanchez: “The Police Department came out in full force for a sizable donation from Taiwan, today numerous items including over a hundred cycle,  body cams and drones were handed over to the Police department at the ITVETT in Belize City. Minister of Police Elodio Aragon extended his gratitude.

Minister of Police Elodio Aragon: “When you look at the mobility for instance cycles will be sent to our substations, our rural areas especially, we have another amount of cycles that will be donated to us by the Americans very soon, we already have them at the Police training school there so we are just waiting for a ceremony for that but all of these cycles will give a greater response time for officers whether your are  in city or in the rural areas. Equipment such as radios of course, there always a need for radios within our Police Department but that will go along with.

Jose Sanchez: “Commissioner Allan Wylie explained how the donation will be used.”

Allen Whylie: “$250,000 was approved by the Government of the Republic of China Taiwan to assist the Belize Police department in the acquisition of equipments, subsequently the then Minister of Home Affairs Honorable Wilfred Elrington visited Taiwan on 14th of November 2017 where he held further discussion with his counterpart his excellency Dr. David Lee seeking additional assistance and support for the Department,. It was during that visit that the initial sum of $250,000 US dollars was increased and another $250,000 to a grand total of $500,000 US or $1,000,000 Belize which was approved from which these motorcycles and other equipment on display here today were procured . We are very pleased to have received these items which includes 105 Lifan motorcycles, 210 motorcycle helmets, 200 body worn cameras, 2 cellular bright machines, a risograph machine, drones, computers and laptop computer, 100 handheld radios. In addition to these equipment on display here the department will also be receiving very shortly 2500 handcuffs and pouches, 60 body armour ballistic vest, as well as 30 alto blow handheld breath alcohol testers which have been ordered and they are on their way. The donation which resulted in the purchasing of these equipment will certainly result in an increase in our representative functions as well as our crime fighting capacites. Ambassador Charles Lui is former cop from Taiwan and that is why assisting of the capacity building of the Police Department is very important to him.

Ambassador Charles Lui: “ I was a Policeman in Taiwan for 7 years. For four years of the Police training in Police universities so that’s why I can appreciate the bond of our Belize brothers and sisters, so that is why I can understand the hardship, the difficulties the toughest job, we Belzie Police have to deal with so I can understand, that’s why we have to work together so that’s why I want to make efforts to contribute everything I can do for the Belize Police Department so that is why we can work for the safety and the security of Belize.

Jose Sanchez: Ambassador Lu showed solidarity for Belize by capping his speech with generous words in creole.

Ambassador Charles Lui: I just want to say you dah my sisters, you dah my brothers, all of we one, we are one , thank you so much my brothers and sisters, all the best to you thank you.

Jose Sanchez: All ah we dah one for Love News Jose SancheΩ.