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Taiwan donates ten thousand bags of rice to Belize

It seems the secret is out and the world knows how much we Belizeans love our rice and beans. Perhaps that’s why the Republic of China (Taiwan) through their “Taiwan Rice Donation for Humanitarian Relief” project, donated ten thousand bags of rice to Belize. Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize Charles Liu made the presentation on behalf of his Government.

Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize Charles Liu: This the first time we have one hundred metro tons of rice. That is ten thousand bags of rice. Each bag is ten kilos so that means 100,000 kilos of rice is here. I know this rice cannot feed all the people in Belize but at least we can feed some people in need. I want to say Yatahoee Belize. You are my brothers, you are my sisters. We are one. Thank you so much, thank you.

Minister Anthony Martinez said the rice will be distributed across the country.

Anthony Martinez: It is the people of Belize that will benefit from Taiwan’s generosity. The shipment totalling five containers filled with 22 pound sacks will be distributed to the Ministries’ most vulnerable clients and many governmental and non governmental partners and agencies. I am so happy that Mr. Robinson is here; Dara I think that you are doing a good job and I think that it is well deserved that you be one of our donors here today. After the ceremony these containers will be making their way countrywide. Two will remain in Belize District while one each will be sent to the North, West and South. Staff of the Women and Family Support departments within the Ministry will distribute the rice to over 800 organization agencies and clients’ family.

Ambassador Liu said the donation was made possible due to vast amounts of rice harvested in Taiwan.