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Taiwan makes donation for the fight against chronic renal failure

Yesterday the Republic of China, Taiwan, officially handed over more than two hundred and twenty thousand US dollars to the Ministry of Health for its Capacity Building Project for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Renal Failure in Belize. The handing over was held in Corozal Community Hospital where the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin spoke about the gravity of the disease.


Pablo Marin – Minister of Health

“I’ll give you a brief history of what is happening and it’s more with that this started in 2011 when the World Health Organization described and listed the ten leading causes of death due to chronic diseases as being related to complications associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, cirrhosis and chronic kidney disease. Therefore this scenario became an issue of urgent concern to the Ministry of Health who immediately recognized the need to promote and develop strategies for the development of chronic diseases. In Belize the prevalence rate of diabetes in our population is about 60%, the rate of hypertension and diabetes respectively among adults was over 30%. These two diseases contribute directly to the development or chronic renal failure. Evidence based research clearly defines that adequate treatment of patients with early stage chronic renal failure diagnosed by regular health screening results in lower mortality rates and the effect is more significant among high risk groups such as patients with obesity, hypertension, kidney disease and diabetes. The Ministry of Health is aware of the negative impacts of non-communicable disease is having on the health of our population and has identified the need for an urgent response to the control of chronic renal failure and its early prevention in the control of NCDs in Belize. However introduction of prevention and control system and any associated health policy cannot be made with epidemiological data. In Belize the true burden of non-communicable diseases and other risk factors is unknown and therefore due to the lack of evidence based research the true economic and health impact of chronic disease is unknown. However the Ministry of Health has embarked on an ambitious task to introduce the initial stepping stone into this management of chronic kidney disease.”


As part of the Renal Failure Prevention Project, more than one hundred employees have been trained to form part of the project. Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize Charles Liu spoke on the partnership.

Charles Liu – Taiwanese Ambassador

“This donation ceremony is a symbol of friendship between the Republic of China Taiwan and Belize. We want to thank the staff of the hospitals for their daily contribution for the people. Belize and Taiwan have been collaborating on public health issues over the years. The kidney project was implemented in February through the support from Belize’s Ministry of Health we have made great achievements.”


The Far Eastern Memorial Hospital from Taiwan is the partner who is dispatching the Nephrologists and Dialysis Nurses to Belize to carry out the clinical training in Belize.