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Taiwan Presidents award Belizean students with Scholarship

As part of her state visit to Belize, President Tsai ing – Wen presented scholarships to twenty nine young Belizeans.  She said she felt very honored to be present to deliver their awards.

Tsai Ing-Wen, President of Taiwan: This afternoon I am delighted to be standing before you; handing out scholarships to 29 outstanding young people. The single largest class of scholarship students ever sent to Taiwan from Belize. This represents an increase in the amount of scholarships we have provided in the past and this class will be studying a course more disciplined and degrees than ever before. I know that all of the students; that all of you have worked hard to get here and our parents and in deed your country are very proud of what you have accomplished. While you are in Taiwan I encourage you to study hard and make the best of all the opportunities that come your way. I can assure that your efforts will pay off. I have no doubt that the education you will receive will immensely benefit your future careers. Further more during your time in Taiwan you will play an essential role in reducing the distance between our two countries.

Love News also spoke to a scholarship recipient, seventeen year old, Brittney Gordon, who is the youngest of the twenty-nine who were selected. She shared her proposed career path, why she chose Taiwan to study, how beneficial the scholarship will be towards her education and career and also how thankful she is to the Taiwanese Government.

Scholarship recipient Brittany Gordon: My career path is Journalism and Mass Communications and I chose to pursue this because I love to talk and I love for people to hear my opinion and it’s just great knowing that things that I say can affect how other people think. The reason I chose Taiwan ultimately is because they offered me the highest level of education for the lowest amount of money and it just seemed like a very good opportunity to try and experience a new culture. I feel like it would be highly beneficial to me and especially to my country of Belize because I do plan on returning one day to Belize and using my education to benefit the country. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to because I know hundreds of people that applied for it and the fact that I was given the opportunity to go here means the world to me and I will make good use of it.