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Taiwan to assist BTL in fiber networking

On Friday, during a donation ceremony hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of China, Taiwan, Prime Minister Dean highlighted the partnership that Belize and Taiwan have enjoyed over the years. In his address, PM Barrow announced that Taiwan has indicated its willingness to assist Belize Telemedia Limited in its Fiber network project.

Rt.Hon.Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“I make clear that there has not been any request that Belize has made of Taiwan certainly since the good ambassador has been here that has not been responded to very favorable. Indeed as we were sitting there before the ceremony actually started the ambassador assured me that in response to a discussion I had with him just a few short weeks ago Taiwan is indicating that it is very much prepared to find a way to participate in BTL’s fiber to home national connection and I am very grateful to hear you say that and it is one more instance of Taiwan always coming through for Belize.”